Introducing Hope Bear

Hope Bear is the first weighted animal in the Calmkins – To Calm Kids Collection, created by psychologist , Dr. Linda Olson, to help children learn to self-regulate and build social and interpersonal skills.

The Hope Bear names are Hero and Halo. Clinical research shows that hope can help children manage stress and anxiety. Our animal is a bear. Bears signify strength, independence, vitality, courage and health that can help children to feel confident and not alone.

Benefits To Your Child

  • Hope Bear provides sensory input by using the power of weight to calm emotions in children.
  • Helps children reduce anxiety and stress from the chemical Oxytocin, released during deep pressure from the weight of the bear
  • Provides the perfect amount of tactile stimulation
  • Hope Bear is a great companion for sensory seeking kids
  • Hope Bear is a calming friend for transitions , circle time, therapy sessions or whenever your child need to self-soothe and focus
  • Secret Compartment for a treasured item or safe place of a loved one.

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