“Working with Dr. Olson has been an amazing experience. Her techniques have been instrumental as I work through my childhood (and adult) traumas. Dr. Olson was the first therapist to introduce me to using my dog, Harley, as an emotional support animal to help cope in stressful, anxiety-filled situations in everyday life. Now I not only look at Harley as a companion and puppy-child, but also as a source of comfort and rescue. That’s why I was so thrilled when Dr. Olson told me about the Calmkins Hope Bear.

I knew this idea would be an amazing source of calm and companionship for both children and adults. When Dr. Olson shared with me all of the wonderful ways Calmkins can assist, one of my first thoughts was “these Bears will be such a great hope. They’re like angels for girls and heroes for boys.” That’s when it hit me – Halo & Hero would be really awesome names for these Bears! I was so happy to hear Dr. Olson’s enthusiasm about the names and the adoption of them for the Bears. My sincerest hope and prayer is that these companions provide healthy and lasting hope and relief for both children and adults for years to come. Thank you, Dr. Olson, for allowing me to be a small part of this amazing resource!!”

Kim Bruner

“We all need hope. Sadly, in a world where too many children are suffering from childhood domestic violence and now, with I call, ‘Covid Stress Disorder,’ Calmkins behavioral program provides support and helps kids calm down.

Like Dr. Linda Olson, I too am the eldest of 6 kids. I grew up in a single-parent home filled with trauma/drama. I became a gang leader at the age of 9 and a Black Panther at the age of 12. I suffered from a plethora of adverse childhood experiences that manifested destructive and dangerous behaviors as a young black male on the streets of Oakland, CA. All of these experiences stole what should have been a healthy childhood from me and my family.

Now, as a Traumatologist, I coach young people and adults through crisis management situations, helping families discover their Behavioral SuperPowers™ and giftings, I wish that I had a weighted animal like Hope Bear to help heal my wounds and those of my siblings, back in the day.

Calmkins weighted animals give, they don’t take.

Dr. Gregory A. Spencer
Behavioral SuperPowers™ Coach”

“I have known Dr. Linda Olson for over 20 years. She is one of the most talented and gifted psychologists with whom I have ever worked with. Linda’s passion, warmth and desire to comfort and heal children and adults is truly remarkable. Her passion to create a behavioral program to calm kids, in memory of her two sisters, is a testament to her passion to help comfort and heal.

As a practicing psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and minister for over 40 years, I recommend Calmkins To Calm Kids behavioral program to every parent, grandparent and psychotherapist who has a child of their own or works with children in need.”

Dr. James Wisecup
Riverside Counseling Center

The Calmkins Behavioral Program to calm kids is a life long project of Dr. Linda Olson. Through her personal journey with trauma, she has, through resilience, created a program that will bring hope to children.

As a clinician, I endorse Calmkins Behavioral Program and look forward to making Hope Bear available to my clients through my private practice, Newness Of Life Counseling Services. Linda and I have both experienced Childhood Domestic Violence. It is out of that adverse childhood experience that we dedicate our lives to helping children and adults unpack false negative beliefs and live the life God intended

Newness Of Life Counseling Services
Lisa Jamison, LCSW