Meet The Calmkins™

Before I had children, I thought about what a good mother I would try to be. As is true for most of us, I did not want to repeat my parents unintentional and unconscious mistakes.

I believed because of my love, dedication and professional training as a clinical psychologist my children would be compatible with me in almost every way.

At that time, people seemed to believe a child’s personality unfolded from the parents rather than the inside of the child. Although it is true our culture and home environment play a huge role in shaping a child, we have learned and I have witnessed as a clinical psychologist working for over three decades with parents and families that children have an inborn tendency to be introverted or extroverted passive or aggressive. 

I created Calmkins to help parents, teachers and caregivers build their child’s self-esteem. I believe that we must help all children discover their own unique strengths and gifts to help them thrive in these difficult times.

Calmkins™ Animals which are based on the wisdom of the enneagram personality system helps parents learn how to nurture a sensitive type vs high energy always moving type.

Through Calmkins™ animals and books parents and teachers learn to:

  • help children achieve a greater sense of confidence and self-worth by showing them how to draw on the strengths and gifts of all nine animals.
  • show children how to appreciate their own strengths and gifts and others’ strengths and gifts.
  • reassure and validate parents or caregivers who feel a sense of failure when their child doesn’t behave according to their expectations.

With Love,

Dr. Linda Olson