Meet the Calm My Kids ™ Enneagram Animal Friends

Before I had children, I thought a lot about how much I wanted to be a good mother. As is true for many of us, I did not want to repeat my parents mistakes.

I believed because of my dedication and my professional training and advanced degrees, I would understand my children and I would have the skills to parent effectively. I was wrong!

At that time, I had no idea of the impact of growing up with narcissistic parents and witnessing constant emotional, mental, financial and physical violence between my parents would have on me. This is known as Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) Growing up with CDV is the single BIGGEST predictor to getting into an abusive relationship and repeating the cycle. But no on talks about it.

As a psychologist, family therapist, parenting expert, mother and grandmother, I created Calm My Kids Enneagram Animals and Stories as a way for parents, educators and clinicians to help children understand and appreciate themselves and others.

I have no doubt that by implementing Calm My Kids parenting tool into your parenting plan, it will transform your relationship with your children!

With Love,

Dr. Linda Olson