Calmkins™ Comfort Animals for Kids based on the Enneagram

Inspired by the wisdom of the Enneagram system of personality types, Dr. Linda Olson, a clinical psychologist with over three decades of private practice work, created Calmkins as a pathway for parents to learn how to help children manage difficult emotions and how to nurture a diverse range of young people – from emotionally sensitive young girls to rambunctious energetic young boys.

Understanding how we parent and WHY helps us to become better parents. Seeing life through the filters of our Enneagram Type allows us to connect with our children in a more conscious and authentic way.

Each of the Calmkins animals has a unique personality and distinctive patterns of behavior.

Getting to know the Calmkins animals teaches children how to relate to one another with an appreciation of our differences and similarities regardless of race, gender or religion. Recognition of these differences opens doors for children to have greater compassion and acceptance.

The Nine Members of the Calmkins™ Animal Family

– Bobby the Bear is motivated to get things right.

– Kayla the Kangaroo wants to be liked.

– Foxy the Fox is driven to perform well.

– Cleo the Cat is driven by her feelings and is deeply concerned with suffering and beauty.

– T-Sheldon the Turtle is curious and wants to understand everything.

– Deb the Loyal Dog is looking for security.

– Marla the Monkey seeks newness and fun.

-Leo the Lion is strong and energetic.

-Elmer the Elephant wants to be content and to avoid conflict.

History of the Enneagram Personality System

The Enneagram (pronounced ANY-a-gram, meaning a figure with nine points) has its roots in the ancient Middle East. It was adapted as a personality typology by Bolivian philosopher Oscar Ichazo and psychiatrist Dr. Claudio Naranjo in the 1970s. Information about the nine different types is based on people communicating their experiences to one another. This first was done orally and now is done through writing as well.

Given the unprecedented level of stress currently being experienced by millions of people worldwide, interest in the Enneagram has spread rapidly throughout the United States and in other countries, where it is used in psychotherapy and family therapy.

The Calmkins Comfort Animals for Kids based on the Enneagram has great potential to help children in schools, by shifting attention away from ethnic, national, and racial differences to the personality differences ALL people share.

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