Conscious Parent Training

Anyone who was ever a child can understand and apply conscious parenting. Our program is for you if you are a parent. Bringing the principles of the relational paradigm and the Imago Dialogue our program creates a plan for “upstream cleanup” by helping parents fully understand the needs of children. Based on the latest research into neuroscience and child development, you”ll learn practical tools to use everyday to help your child develop into a healthy self-confident adult.

Based on the book Giving The Love That Heals, by Harville Hendrix and Helen La Kelly Hunt, Calmkins To Calm Kids, the Imago Parenting Program is presented over 12 weekly online group that make learning fun and accessible

Learning Objectives & Agenda
After this group, participants will be able to:
– Discuss attachment and connection as a fundamental emotional need, in relationship to brain function and development
– Describe the stages of development and attachment
– Demonstrate and integrate mirroring and validating our children’s perceptions and way of thinking
– Demonstrate and integrate experiencing and expressing empathy with your children’s feelings
– Understand the impact of childhood on parenting style
– Understand and recognize children’s need for limits and connection
Learn the 10 negative internalized beliefs and emotions in childhood
Teach your children how to transform negative emotions into positive emotions and undiscovered gifts.
– Describe the neurobiology of reactivity
– Apply ways to help children self-soothe
– Apply Imago Techniques
– Summarize how reactivity can damage the relationship and individuals sense of self
– Discuss and recognize the impact of early wounding on the way you parent your child
– Plan personal road map for future

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