Cognitive Assessments

Calmkins Offers Scientifically Validated, Online Executive Function For Youth ages 6 to 18.

Executive functions, such as planning, working memory, response inhibition, and self-regulation, are essential skills that enable us to perform to the best of our abilities. Whether it is improving our children’s self-esteem and self-confidence, increasing attentional skills, building effective communication and social skills, improving decision making skills or increasing positive behaviors, it is these skills that determine our child’s success.

The first and most important step to improving these skills is understanding how your child performs in these categories. To help evaluate their performance, Calmkins offers comprehensive assessments, powered by Cambridge Brain Sciences, a leading provider of cognitive assessment tools for clinicians and psychology practices, featuring 12 quick, fun, scientifically validated cognitive tasks that produce objective measures across multiple cognitive domains.

Your child can take the assessment online from the comfort of home, using a tool that’s simple, fun and engaging. It only takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Once the assessment is complete, a comprehensive report will be available for review. Our licensed therapists psychology assistants will use this report, along with information gathered during our clinical intake to create an individualized treatment plan based on your child’s and family’s needs.

We cater to parents and families who have concerns regarding their child’s ability to self-regulate and develop effective social and communication skills. Our goal is to help clarify a child’s diagnosis or diagnoses to better inform treatment interventions.

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As part of our standard intake process, you are required to complete an online cognitive assessment before your first visit, which will provide a validated and objective measure of core aspects of your cognitive function. These measures will allow us to quantify the effects of TMS, enabling you to measure progress throughout our treatment plans. Please carefully note the following:

  • The assessment will be sent separately via email from Please ensure you complete the assessment on a tablet or desktop computer, using Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Note: if for some reason you don’t get the assessment in the next 30 minutes, please check your “Spam” folder.
  • The assessment will take approximately 35-45 minutes—please ensure you are in a quiet room free of distractions (turn off your smartphone notifications), and give your full focus to the assessment.
  • No preparation is required and the tasks are short, quite engaging and fun—each task comes with a simple guided tutorial to ensure you quickly get up to speed on the task instructions.
  • The assessment *must* be completed prior to your visit and within 24 hours of having received the assessment email.

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