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Calm My Kids™ 

Welcome to Calm My Kids parenting site!

My name is Dr. Linda Olson. I am thrilled you are here. My goal is to help you become a more conscious parent! I know how hard being a parent is especially nowadays, and how often as moms we are invalidated and unsupported and simply don’t have the parenting tools we need and deserve.

I’ve been a practicing psychologist, family therapist, enneagram practitioner, dialectical behavior therapist and Imago Relationship couples relationship therapist for many decades.

As the eldest of six children, I always wanted to be a mom. I also believed because of my strong desire to be a mom and my clinical training, I would naturally understand and know how to communicate effectively with my children. I was wrong.

I had no idea the impact of growing up witnessing my parents constantly yelling and fighting with each other would have on me. This is known as Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) and has a profound impact on a child and continues into adulthood. CDV is the single biggest predictor a woman or man will get into an abusive relationship.

Like many children who grow up with narcissistic parents and CDV, I often felt, scared, alone, misunderstood and lost as a kid.

My two younger sisters also suffered the impact of growing up witnessing verbal, mental and physical violence between my parents. Tragically, my youngest sister was killed by an ex-boyfriend, and my other younger sister died homeless after never being able to recover from abusive relationships.

My lifelong passion has been to create a conscious parenting tool like Calm My Kids Enneagram Animal Friends and Stories to help parents, educators and clinicians provide a way for ALL children, from different backgrounds, cultures, races and religions to better understand and appreciate themselves and others!