Calmkins™ Enneagram Animals For Kids

Do you want to help your child gain a better understanding and appreciation of themselves and others?

Calmkins™ Enneagram Animals for Kids Does Just That.

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The Enneagram symbol is a map for self-discovery and growth that describes nine basic personality types by accurately explaining “why” we do what we do.

Enneagram Animals For Kids

The best parenting tool to help you understand and communicate effectively with your child!

  • Do you want your child to gain a better understanding and appreciation of themselves and others?

  • Do you want to understand your child’s emotional outbursts better?

  • Do you want to learn to communicate more effectively with your child?

As a clinical psychologist in private practice for over 30 years, mother and grandmother ( I work with parents everyday who struggle like I did) to understand their children and often worry that their kids won’t reach their full potential especially in these unprecedented times. And since we don’t get to choose our kids personalities we often try to force them into one.

Using a simple but insightful approach, I translated the Enneagram personality tool I have used for years in my private practice into 9 easy to understand animal personality types. Through each animal I get to the core issue of each personality type and their path to emotional health.

Calmkins™ Enneagram Animals for Kids will help you and your child communicate more effectively and transform your relationship!

Go from feeling frustrated with your child…
…to gaining insight and comforting your child.

Take 3 SIMPLE STEPS to better understand,
and comfort your child today!

Step 1: Discover How Your Enneagram Personality
Type Influences Your Parenting Style

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Step 2: Click here for an in-depth exploration of
your child’s enneagram personality type

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Step 3: Purchase Calmkins™ Enneagram Animals For Kids and Calm, Comfort and Communicate More Effectively Today!

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Still not sure about how you can better understand and comfort your child? Feel free to schedule a private Calmkins™ parenting session with Dr. Olson.

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