Parenting Children

Created by a clinical psychologist,
Calmkins provides a way for a parent, teacher, or caregiver to help a child manage difficult emotions and discover every child’s unique strengths and gifts.

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  • If you want to get parenthood off to the best start, or if you want to make a change but don’t know how, Calmkins Animals and Books based on the wisdom of the enneagram personality system will provide parents and children a clear pathway forward to build their child’s self-worth and self-confidence.

  • Given the enormous stress children and parents are experiencing parents are increasingly searching for helpful parenting solutions to help comfort their children and build resiliency.

  • As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Linda Olson working with parents everyday in her private practice, who (like she did) often worry that their kids won’t turn out the way they want to. And since we don’t get to choose our kids personalities, we often try to force them into one. We must learn to adjust to our particular children and encourage them along their unique paths to discover their own strengths and gifts!

Calmkinsto Calm and Soothe and Help Your Child Discover Their Strengths and Gifts.

  • Nine weighted comforting animals, each with their own unique personality provide safe, deep pressure for children experiencing stress or anxiety.

  • Holding, hugging or having Calmkins animals on your lap produces deep touch stimulation. Research shows that it can help your child’s body create a natural chemical known as the “bliss molecule”, scientifically called Oxytocin.

  • Adorable, friendly, calming companions to help children learn to self soothe and regulate emotions.

  • Each one of the Calmkins animals has a list of traits and characteristics that make up his or her personality that every child can easily relate to, feel supported by and understand.


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Calmkins Stories to build every child’s self-esteem!

  • Stories to help every child discover their own strengths and gifts.

  • Each animal story helps you and your child communicate more positively and effectively.

  • Each one of the nine Calmkins books features one delightful and captivating animal including Bobby the Bear, Kayla the Kangaroo, Foxy the Fox, Elmer the Elephant and five others.

  • All nine animals are on an exciting and transformational journey to discover their own strengths, as well as celebrate their friends unique personality traits.

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