Calming Children

Created by a psychologist,
Calmkins creates a new pathway for every child to learn how to manage
their emotions and to discover
who they are and what they can be.

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CalmkinsWeighted Stuffed
Animals by Warmies® to Calm and Comfort Children

  • Calmkins animals not only calms and comfort kids but provides an opportunity to help a child build on their strengths and use their unhealthy habits as a springboard for growth.

Calmkins to
Calm and Soothe

  • Nine weighted comforting animals, each with their own unique personality provide safe, deep pressure for children experiencing stress or anxiety.

  • Adorable, friendly, calming companions to help children to learn to self-soothe

  • Each one of the Calmkin’s animals has a list of traits and characteristics that make up his or her personality that a child can easily relate to, feel supported by and understand.


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Children’s Book Series

  • Stories about nine animal friends, designed to calm and comfort children, help children transform emotions and build better social skills.

  • Each story shares a key to each child that they can use to unlock the qualities they have inside them, whether or not they realize it.

  • Each one of the nine Calmkins books features one delightful and captivating animal including Bobby the Bear, Kayla the Kangaroo, Foxy the Fox, Elmer the Elephant and five others.

  • All the animals are on an exciting adventure and journey to discover themselves and each other.

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Learn how to help your child cope with fears and manage emotions.

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Calmkins on YouTube

Watch fun, free and educational Calmkins videos on YouTube.

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